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The company is based in Kamena Vourla, on the northwest coast of the North Evia gulf. It is 175 km away from Athens, 330km from Thessaloniki and 40 km from Lamia. Kamena Vourla is a small coastal town and by many referred as a remarkable resort.  Marilouk yacht is available for a comfortable and pleasant stay and has its base in the Marina of Kamena Vourla. ( ), located a 150 km away from Athens. Kamena Vourla is located in central Greece, which automatically makes the yacht very accessible by any part of Greece. This year you have the opportunity to create your very own experience sailing in the clear blue Greek waters while enjoying the Greek sun, the summer breeze, the sea calmness, the comfort of the trip and the crystal-clear waters to dive in.

The comfort

the safety

and the feeling of the absolute freedom are some of the key points we offer you and will accompany you throughout your trip.